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Camera Canon 5D Mark IV

Personal List of Recommended Resources

If you are looking to build your own business, please feel free to check out my list of highly recommended services that I have experienced and/or continue to personally use.

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Web Hosting Services

I switched from Wix to Bigscoots and the difference in quality is unmatched. There simply is no competition. AND, you do not have to know coding either! On the other hand, if you know coding, you have that liberty to manipulate within Bigscoots as well. So with this web hosting service you truly get the best of both worlds.

I recommend Bigscoots for several reasons which I will briefly summarize to the following: reputation, reliability and support.

Bigscoots has a reputation that precedes it with an extremely high ranking of customer satisfaction, just see their reviews to confirm this.

BigScoots Home Page
Reasons for using BigScoots

In addition, they ensure that their platform is reliable to not only you as the owner and builder, but to your clients as well with an extremely low client dissatisfaction rate.

As for support, even though they do communicate through a support ticket method, they are quick, efficient and without doubt in your corner to do whatever is possible to answer your questions, fix your problems and ensure your website is running as you wish. I almost wish I had started with Bigscoots however, in starting with Wix it’s given me a personal comparison to truly evaluate the quality of Bigscoots.

Try it out, you won’t regret it!

“Yes, I want to check out BigScoots!”

Camera Gear

This is tough for me to recommend a limited list but here are 5 pieces of equipment for my photography and videography business that are ABSOLUTE must haves.

Camera: Canon EOS R

The affordable camera for video and photos

I love this camera over my Canon 5D Mark IV. 

One of the winning points for Canon cameras is their user-friendly menu interface. It’s easy to learn, modify and tweak to your liking. 

With that said, the Canon EOS R does has some different features than the usual Canon camera setup which turned out to be features most users did NOT like, so they were removed from subsequent models (like the EOS R6). Despite this, it has turned me into a mirrorless fan and on my way to planning for the Canon EOS R5.

You can read about the differences between the Canon 5D Mark IV vs. the Canon EOS R here, and this was when the EOS R first came out. This might help you make a decision regarding one versus the other if you’re looking at seriously investment in camera equipment.

My recommended versatile lens for photos and video

Versatile lens for everything from close up portraits, to wide family shots to film shots. I have used this for everything from filming weddings to photo sessions. 

An absolute must-have, or something similar to capture wide angle to close-ups in a single lens.

Here are some example photos that I’ve taken with this lens and because of the zoom range, did not have to pause to switch out lens. 

Both of the following were taken with Canon Ef 24-70 mm lens, f/2.8L II USM.

24 mm photo of sitting down on steps
70 mm Canon lens portrait photo

Nothing fancy is needed, but versatility is a plus. You can use this as a boom mic, field mic and camera mic. The audio is fantastic and you can easily edit it into even better quality if you want to get fancy. 

Knock yourself out… or not.

Whether you’re creating a film or a podcast, this mic is convenient, reliable and versatile enough to fit most, if not any needs. It doesn’t require additional equipment like adapters to work with other cameras or smartphones and easily plugs into a computer. 

I love the fact that its battery is rechargeable and I’ve used it for several weddings on one charge before needing to recharge it. I could go on about this microphone, but it’s a must-have simple mic that anyone planning to start recording their audio should invest in to help solidify the professionalism of their brand.

Camera bag: Wandrd Prvke Lite

I use the Wandrd Prvke Lite camera bag

Personally, I am a backpack girl. I find that it’s easier to have the weight distributed evenly across my back than carrying a shoulder bag. I’ve researched many bags before settling on the Wandrvd Prvke 21L. 

The one pictured above is actually the Wandrd Prvke Lite. It was my second purchase.

Umm, ladies and gents… this is the ultimate bag for me. 

I looked at the Peak Design bag, the McKinnon Camera Pack 35L by Nomatic, and Brevite. I’ve read the reviews, watched youtube videos comparing camera bags, but without doubt, I absolutely LOVED this bag the moment I purchased it.

Camera equipment for wedding videography

It is versatile and durable, while maintaining a sleek look no matter the dust or grime.

Unfortunately I bought it when the COVID pandemic was still lingering and WANDRD Prvke was out of stock on their popular bags, the 21L being one of those popular versions. I was torn between the Lite version and the 21L and ended up going with the 21L. 

Camera bag in Jeep trunk

While I am happy with my decision I did realize it is a bit big for me (I’m 5 feet tall), so I planned to purchase the Lite version when came into stock with the goals to use the 21L when I’m toting equipment for weddings or traveling.

I received the Lite version in April 2022 and LOVE it.

It is smaller but for toting around every day, fits my needs perfectly. It looks stellar despite facing some wear and tear already and is easy to swing around for use.

An example of camera and lens cleaning equipment

This is an absolute must.

You MUST have a cleaning kit if you are using a DSLR or mirrorless camera for any filming purposes, i.e. educational videos for courses, YouTube videos, etc.

It is inevitable that you or someone else is going to accidentally swipe their hand across your lens when setting it up or putting it away. There are plenty of YouTube videos out there to watch on how to clean your camera and lens, and once you’ve done it, you will find out how easy it is to maintain your equipment.

Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as you may think.

Whatever kit you may need, make sure it has all the components as the above kit. In my honest opinion, mostly any kit will do, just get one and learn how to use it.

Legal Documents

A Self Guru

An absolute must-have for your website are legal documents. 

I found this gem, A Self Guru, through another online course and to say it’s been worth every penny is a complete understatement. If you’re starting out and wanting to keep costs low but starting your website up the smart (and wise) way, then please peruse her products and then purchase one of the legal bundles.

Save yourself the trouble in the long run by doing things right from the start.

Her site details the importance of which basic documents you definitely need on your website and then additional documents you may need for legal protection as you conduct business. One thing you can take comfort and have confidence in is that she is a lawyer and makes sure to keep things current and up-to-date. 

I have purchased her legal documents in her VIP bundle and I am both relieved and confident that my website is protected appropriately in the business world. Check out what she has to say for yourself and don’t judge a book by its cover.

She is LEGIT.

She has a break down of all the legal documents you ABSOLUTELY need for your site versus supplemental needs depending on what services you offer. Check out her products by clicking a category:

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