WOW, Ruth and Elaine J. Films FAR exceeded our expectations. If you’re looking for videography services, don’t look any further!!! To be honest, when starting to wedding plan my (then) fiancé and I had decided against videography, as we didn’t think there was room in the budget. Fast forward to today (6 weeks post-wedding), and I am SO GLAD we ended up having the privilege of working with Elaine J. Films on our wedding day!!!!!

Ruth and her team were an absolute joy to work with. As opposed to other vendors we hired, Ruth seemed like she was on OUR team, from beginning to the end, every step of the way. Her communication was always on-point. I never had to question if she needed anything from me, or what was supposed to happen next. Even post-wedding she was following up regularly to let me know the status of our wedding film. On our wedding day it was a joy having Ruth around! She is kind, hardworking, AMAZING at what she does, and really just a pleasant person to be around altogether. Even my family and the wedding party were so impressed by her and so complementary of her–that says a lot!

Then came the time to actually see her hours of hard work come together, and WOW, is she gifted!!!!! I was in TEARS, crying like a baby, watching how Ruth captured the story of our wedding day from beginning to end. Ruth is truly an artist and amazing at what she does. She caught so many special moments, and wow is it impactful to be able to sit down and watch what was such a special day through a different lens. Ruth created both a “Teaser” film and a final version and both completely blew me away. Watching her film takes me back to the specialness of that day in ways I can’t describe. I’m thanking God for the chance to have Ruth as part of our day, because without her services, we would not have the amazing gift of reliving our special day that we do now.

What everyone tells you as a soon-to-be Bride is true—your wedding day goes by SO fast, and after the fact, it seems like a blur. THANK YOU Elaine J. Films for helping make sure my husband and I have beautiful footage of our wedding day to cherish for the rest of our life, so that we never forget the big moments, and the special little moments in-between. I have had numerous people reach out to me after watching our wedding video, commenting on how talented and gifted our videographer is and how moved they were watching our film. If you’re questioning whether you need a videographer, you do! And if you’re questioning who to hire, I’ll make it easy for you-hire Elaine J. Films and you WON’T be sorry! It doesn’t get any better than this!

~Bride | Allyson B.